Recommended Properties


Are the prices advertised on your website negotiable?

It is fair to say that most advertised sale and rental prices for condos, apartments, houses and commercial units on our website are negotiable but this will depend on your circumstances such as date looking to move, length of lease and also if you have any additional requests or requirements. Our experienced sales team will negotiate on your behalf with the landlords and always try to achieve the best price and conditions for both parties.


Are all of the properties on your website available?

Due to most Bangkok property owners using multiple property agents, it is an impossible task to keep the availability up to date and 100% accurate. Once we receive an enquiry on any particular property in Bangkok that appear on our website, we will contact the owners to reconfirm the availability and update you as soon as possible so we can arrange for you to visit the property in person along with one of our sales agents.

Do I have to pay you for helping me find a suitable property for sale or rent in Bangkok?

For the tenant or the buyer, our service is completely free of charge as it is the landlord who covers our agency fees and also the selling price for all properties advertised will already include all selling fees. This means there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees to pay when you choose to use our company to search for your next home in Bangkok.

Why should I choose Bangkok Condo rentals?

We are an independent ,UK owned company who have international expertise and experience with a team of highly motivated, professional and multi lingual sales agents who are dedicated to helping you find just the right property that you are searching for. As well as almost 3,000 properties appearing on our website, we have a total of 9,000 Bangkok Condo’s for rent and sale, Bangkok Apartments for rent, Bangkok Houses for rent and sale and also commercial units on our state-of-the-art property database, so we have something to suit almost everyone’s ideal budget, style and preferred location.


What is the difference between condominiums and apartments?

The main difference between a condo and an apartment in Bangkok is regarding the ownership as an apartment building is owned by just one individual or company whereas a condominium on the other hand has individual owners for each unit within each development. An individual owner/landlord contributes a monthly maintenance fee to the condominium’s juristic office for the general upkeep and maintenance of the common areas and facilities. Monthly utility bills within most Bangkok apartments may be charged at a slightly higher rate and will be payable directly to the management office each month whereas for a Bangkok condominium, the utility costs are payable directly to the supplier at government rates.

What is the minimum rental period and the standard terms and conditions?

The minimum rental period is one year for all our Bangkok apartments, condominiums and houses. In the vast majority of cases for residential leasing in Bangkok, a two month security deposit and one month’s rent in advance is required. The deposit will be refunded back to the tenant by the landlord, once the lease has expired and any deductions made for any potential damage or missing items and all outstanding bills have been settled. If the tenant were to break the lease agreement by vacating the property within the contracted period, then the two month security deposit will be retained by the landlord. It is possible for a ‘diplomatic clause’ to be included within the lease agreement for multinationals who are likely to be transferred outside of the Kingdom of Thailand by their employers. However, in Bangkok, the landlords will usually insist on a minimum stay of either 6 or 12 months before the clause becomes effective. After fulfilling the minimum stay period, a 60 day written notification in advance is required along with supporting company documents must be presented in order for the security deposit to be returned.

What do I need to know about buying land or property in Bangkok?

As a foreigner in Thailand, it is possible to own a Bangkok condo outright. The only restriction for foreign ownership is that they cannot own more than 49% of the total number of units in any one building. As a foreigner, it is not possible to own land in your own name but it is possible to own 49% in a Thai Limited company, in which you would be the sole director. What this means is that the foreign director is the only person who is permitted to commit or bind the company in contractual dealings. When buying land in this way, the foreign minority shareholder will control the company and it’s assets. In some cases, a foreigner can obtain a lease but this will be limited to 30 years and the viability of renewal is as yet untested. All sale objects will be subject to some form of government fees and taxes, such as 2% Transfer Fee, 0.5% Stamp Duty, 3% Withholding Tax and 3.3% Business but each of these are dependent on the ownership history and will be adjusted accordingly.

Why should I use an agent when I buy a house or Condo in Thailand?

The process of buying a house or condo in Thailand can be relatively complex so having our experienced sales team guide you can allow things to run smoothly and give peace of mind to both parties. For all our clients looking to buy land or property in Bangkok, we can offer our knowledge and experience in the Bangkok property market and assist you in your search for a suitable object. We help to avoid the pitfalls and ensure the entire process is without serious issue and remains stress free. We will take care of background checks on title deeds and make sure that there are unexpected costs both during and after the transfer of ownership and also check that the foreign quota is not exceeded within your chosen development. If you are purchasing a house or land in Bangkok, we will assist you in the setting up of a limited company with the help of our legal team to ensure that everything will be handled correctly. We’ll also draft all of the relevant legal documentation and guide you through the transfer of money according to Thai law and make sure you have all the necessary documents to transfer the property into your name.