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Bangkok Renovations - Painting & Decorating

Bangkok Renovations - Painting & Decorating

As a property owner in Bangkok, you may have noticed a downturn in the property market in the past 12 months. With the current situation caused by the COVID19 virus, we have certainly noticed a reduction in the amount of clients looking for new properties to rent or buy. 

If your property is currently vacant then this maybe the ideal time to do some decoration or renovations. Usually when we take clients on viewings, we will see several rooms in each building. To give yourself the best chance of your unit being selected for a long term rental, we suggest repainting and touching up and minor wear and tear where necessary. Rooms which look fresh and clean will always be more desirable than ones which look old and tired. 

We can offer professional painting and decorating services to our landlords and also include professional photos and video once the work is done. This makes the properties much more desirable and easier to market, giving you the highest chance of a quick rental for a reasonable price.

Services we offer include:

- Painting of walls, ceilings and doors.

- Fixing minor damage such as cracks, chips, and water damage.

- Fixing or replacing ceiling panels.

- Repair and restoration of wooden panels or furniture.

- Minor electrical and plumbing work

We can also offer advice on how to decorate your property to make it most marketable  to potential buyers and sellers.

If you would like to discuss and to schedule a free visit and quotation, please call us on 0844 641 713.

Sales Manager at
Bangkok Condos renovation team did a really good job on my bathroom. They completely removed the old bathroom suite and horrible tiles and did a complete install. They were very fast and the finishing was excellent.
On 30. Nov 2020

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